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About Our School

Sankofa Community School offers Crèche, nursery, Kindergarten, primary (1-6),  Junior high school one(1) and coming soon we will extend to Junior high school two(2) and Senior high school. Qualified students may receive a recommendation to University at the end of Senior high school if their academic performance at the Sankofa Community School and WASSCE are sufficient.


Pre School

Sankofa Community School offers Crèche, nursery, Kindergarten.


The creche admits pupil between the age of 1.5 ro 2 years. The main focus of crèche is the development of social behavior. Here they learn how to express themselves and their needs, such as learning to ask for things, singing and beginning to talk in both Twi and English. They begin doing interactive activities such as looking at picture books and playing with classmates. 

Nursery (1 and 2)

In nursery one (1) and two (2) we admits children from 2 to 4 years. The focus in nursery is on childcare and the teaching of practical and essential life skills. This includes social behavior by working on cooperation with one another and interacting with classmates by sharing and playing with each other. We emphasize proper toilet and hand washing etiquette. In nursery two (2) the children also begin learning to hold pencils to start writing and tracing. They also begin to learn about independence in order to prepare them for kindergarten. 

Kindergarten (1 and 2)

In KG 1 (ages 4 to 5), the children really focus on learning the letters of the alphabet and numbers. There is more emphasis on getting to know how to write and trace.
In KG 2 (ages 5 to 6), we focus on solidifying the knowledge from KG1 so they have a better understanding in order to prepare for primary. Students are now more aware and can identify letters and numbers with a better understanding of what they mean. By the end of the year they should understand of the use of numbers for mathematics such as addition and subtraction. With letters they will start to understand how to put them together and read small two letter words. The subjects that are introduced include English, mathematics, environmental studies, religion and moral education (RME), and the creative arts.

Primary School

In primary one (1) starts from six years upwards depending on academic performance and willingness, the subjects of focus are English, French, Twi, mathematics, natural science, ICT, creative arts, and RME. Students start implementing experiments into their learning to create an interactive learning experience.

In primary two (2) to six(6) we focus on the same class subjects as primary one(1) but in more depth. There is a more practical application to the knowledge learned as the students focus on more long-term experiments. 


Junior High School

Sankofa Community School offers Junior high school one(1) and and two (2) coming soon we will extend to Junior high school three(3) and Senior high school. Qualified students may receive a recommendation to University at the end of Senior high school if their academic performance at the Sankofa Community School and WASSCE are sufficient.


Senior High School

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First we will test your child to determine what level they are in. Once that is determined we will inform you if there is space currently available in that level. If space if available then you can buy an admission form. Please fill out the form completely with all the information required, and then provide and attach the following information to your applications:

3 Passport pictures of the student

1 Passport picture of each of the parents or guardians

Copy of the birth certificate of the student

Copy of the ID card from one of the guardians

Copy of the vaccination card – Health record of the student

Then you must submit your form with all the proper documents and you must provide the payment for the books fee, admission fee and at least the first payment of school fees before your child can start class.


Fees per term can be paid in three equal installments.
There will be a discount on fees payment for parents/guardians with more than one ward successfully admitted into the school. 1st Ward: 100%, 2nd Ward: 80%, 3rd Ward: 70%

Uniform will be provided by the parents/guardians.

Please note that the books fee has to be paid in full to assist the student greatly in his/her education.

Also feeding can be split into 3 equal installments per each term.

No School bus

Parents may have to arrange for own transport.


school hours

M-F: 8am – 3:30pm


Berekum – Off Dormaa Road, Bankasa -Nanasuano.

Post Office Box 138 Berekum – Ghana




+233 (0)50 432 87 38

+233 (0)24 831 83 59